Codeguru and .NET community

For few days I’m official member of codeguru redaction. I hope the cooperation will be delightful. I would like to make some changes, if headmaster will agree with me, as many of you know, present codeguru died, and I think all of us can help to rebirth like a phoenix.

I think  the .NET Poland community is still small if we compare to other countries . Thanks for procent blogpost I can seen how he has got power of influence to people after his blogpost I got 10 more followers at twitter and I think there was more “coming out” due to his blogpost.

We need someone like Scott Hanselman here in Poland, someone who give kick, and it could be a starter for someone, also I think the cure for this cancer is better commitment of Microsoft PL. Because we all know that there is a plenty of .NET Group (Academical) and for once of a year Imagine Cup – it’s a very great event, well done! MS especially people from department in Poland!. Since 2012 they ran a “SNT” where young people (from high schools) learn about .NET technology. But it’s still not enough because after graduate when you go to company MS forgets about you, no events, no fun from coding just poor stagnation like a Chinese factory worker. In conclusion if MS give a example and commitment, I think we can change other companies or corporations, here in Poland, big companies, they need a lifeless worker and they get this because people agree with it.

So let’s change it TOGETHER! Let’s start rebellion against stagnation in our community let’s help weaker coder to come out and encourage them to participate in colourful life of coder 🙂


As a student of second year of BSc, with help of my friends, we want to start frequently hackatons here in Wroclaw for every one, for every technology! More info about event will be in end of April or start of May.

This blogpost doesn’t recommend aggression 🙂 it’s just mine interpretation.