Office 365 – the beginning

Few days ago I won a year subscription for an Office 365, and I would like to review for you.

All previously products don’t have any major changes between themselves (mainly it was only design changes), in this version of product (Office 365 or Office 2013), programs get synchronise with SkyDrive I think it’s best major update at all, as for me it’s very helpful tool because I really hate pen drives, so when I’m at university and I’m working on a report at some kind of laboratory and then I come back to home, I can turn on my PC and every document, every change is uploaded to my SkyDrive and it’s visible at my menu in Word, Excel etc. also you have access to offline last version of document.


Additionaly you can install your product at 5 computers, so it seems be good option. Unfortunately I think subscriptions in that kind of products have advantage and some disadvantage. The most disadvantage it that Office 365 cost 430 PLN ~ 138 USD, and if we compare to Office Professional for Home Users 599 PLN ~ 190 USD. I think Office 365 should be more cheaper, because, be realistic who use Office just for a month or two ?!. There is also two more options when you subscribe “O365” you get 60 minutes at Skype and extra 20 GB to your SkyDrive. This is bull’s eye!

There is one more product form Office that I like to use – Outlook. When you need really good tool for your mailbox it’s very good choose and you should work with OneNote, I really recommend you OneNote to simple TODO list I wrote an article about it.

Excel – good option when you have to compute a large number of record (at one laboratory I have to do some calculations on a Fourier series it was simple and quick than doing on paper and pen. Excel is good also if you plan your budget or diet list – then simply convert to OneNote and you can go with your Windows Phone to shopping, because WP has got preinstalled office.

In conclusion O365 is great option because you get 5 licenses (but one account) so every copy of this installation will be attached to your account, so remind this if you want share someone your copy!