UnauthorizedAccessException while accessing camera

Recently I got that kind of Exception, UnauthorizedAccessException it occurred when I wanted initialize my webcamera in Windows 8 application.


The weirdest thing is that if your application just takes a photo you have to include in requirements that it has to allow a microphone…yes to microphone. Because CaptureControl.Source is a type of MediaCapture, and this class provide a possibility of  taking a photos, recording video and sound, in my opinion this is very weird because if I am making a embedded system it force from me that I have to provide a hardware that has got microphone.

In my opinion there should be a separate classes that provides taking a photos, and recording a video/sound.

Solution to that exception: You have to check in capabilities that your application require a microphone.



P.S “Odmowa dostępu” – yep I have polish version of VS, but it means “Access deny”