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My 2013 and goals for 2014

2013 for my was year full of changes and new things.

  • it was my first time when I was at DevDay, unfortunately due to lack of time I didn’t wrote blogpost. However at this conference I had opportunity to met *almost* everyone from twitter and polish .NET blogosphere. It was fantastic two days in Krakow thanks @rafek and @mihcall for invitation, and see ya at 2014 🙂
  • Next event where I have been – was BuildStuff (this blog post is still in progress), but nevertheless I would like to thank to Nereinga and Greg for a fantastic event that was buildstuff, and for all people I had pleasure to met! After-parties were fantastic I can’t wait till next time. What I have learnt during buildstuff, that sessions are not important thing in conference, but after-parties and socializing are important, because here you meet awesome people, you can talk with them and share experience, idea between you.
  • Yea and the most important achievement is that since 7th July I am developer at @Neuro_Sys, thanks for everyone! Especially for my co-workers, I had learnt many things from you 🙂
  • I participated at Imagine Cup 2013 and what I had learnt is that the idea could has got killing feature but if you don’t have good guy for video presentation you just fail. (marketing, marketing and once more time marketing).
  • dotnetconfPL – First virtual conference base on original idea from @shanselman and @jglozano (dotNetConf) it was first event that I was co-organizer, and again so much wisdom influenced to me it’s priceless, so lesson for today estimate your time carefully. Why ? as Jakub said we started thinking about this event something around May for some of you it could be a very long time to create such like this, but four months were just perfect! (there was too many thing to handle, like speakers, website, sponsors, financial issue) we even had idea to establish organisation.  Probably we continue this event at 2014 as well, so keep cross fingers for us. If you have any ideas that you want to share with us please keep free to contact with us

There are almost all Goals for next year (2014) :

  • Update my CV, yes it’s time to remove some section and add new ones, after 6 months of my employment, my skills has been validated, so it’s time to clean up my CV.
  • I have to move my blog from wordpress to Ghost (already installed, but still need customization). Time to make minimalist blog-site. Next step to refreshing my site will be custom website – “placeholder” for my projects it’s time to reveal my activity for other people.
  • Create application in Xamarin for DevDay and Buildstuff (finally three platform will be supported!). I hope that first commit will be pushed up at the begining of February. Moreover I will try describe my progress at blogpost.
  • Next goal, I want to get involved to OSS contributions, more commits and public repos in github. It helps my with recruiting process, and I always wanted to do something pro publico bono.
  • At this year I want to try make a session at or .NET EKA (student .net group). I think it’s good time to start sharing my knowledge and experience with others folks.
  • Last goal but very important, it’s time for node.js and improve my js skill. Yea unfortunately my js skill isn’t so good that I want, so practise time!!!

After all Happy new year everyone!