#asciihack Wroclaw

This event will stay in my mind for a long time, I met there fantastic people, projects but what was the important it was a lot of FUN!.

unfortunately I was late for event like 15 minutes, but when I came at the front of me @nedzynski ask me what I want to eat and give me card to write my name and stick it into my shirt. It’s nice idea when you are talking with somebody you just see his/her name, I have weak remember to names so for me it was great and I don’t have to worry about this.

Next was just coding, after 3:30 PM was delicious dinner, everything was OK. after dinner we came back to coding. There was over 50 people, the most used technology was Ruby there was also projects in other language like .NET, C++, JS, Java. Winner wrote his game in C++ and this game was named Invader++, second place project with a unique name “oddajcie mi sobote” 😉 and the third place was Angry Birds in console created in .NET named AsciiBirds. After voting we were invited to after party, where we were talking about your projects and We were drinking beer.

In conclusion, I think Wroclaw need that kind of events, and it’s shame for Wroclaw companies that they didn’t make like this events.I would like to thank @getbaselab, and in my mind stayed one word COME BACK 🙂

Some photos, if you have any photos from this event let me know via email that I could add to gallery.