401 (Unauthorized) while reset password in Ghost

Today evening I decided to configure with my new blog engine (Ghost), but unfortunately I forgot my password to admin (yea very clever….dumb ass!). I just thought easy as pie! it’s just few minutes smtp configure, after 2 hours I realized that I was changing development configure not a production config, so my smtp config wasn’t affect to production environment. Lesson for me : make sure you are working in right place! 😉

Development section in config.js





Production section in config.js


Deploy from external repo

tl;tr; Deploy from external repo on MS Azure

Few days ago I was on a Global Windows Azure Bootcamp,We had few sessions, one of those session was lectured by @mpraglowski, he showed us this wonderful feature. What if we want to deploy our website on each git push without any extra action on our server ? With help come Azure Web Sites.

First, create new web site by choosing New -> Compute -> Web site-> Custom createcreatewebsite_0

Next step will be, fill out these boxes. Important is that to check box “Publish from source control”.

Third step is to choose which service we want to use (Bitbucket, TFS, Github etc.)


In final step of creating web site, we choose repository that will be use.


If there is no error we should see deploy with a green header like in this picture. Azure has a nice feature, we can freely manage which git push we want on our website any time. Let’s imagine that you push commits but something don’t work exactly how you assumed. You can change to early version of deploy just clicking on it and clicking “redeploy” on bottom of website


Windows Azure Developer Challenge

Quick info! There is a event which is already running, but there is still chance to get a prize, event is named “Windows Azure Developer Challenge” we pass through five steps. On each step we have chance to get 64GB Surfece (for US citizen) or cash equivalent for (2,1k $, outside US). Organiser of this event is codeproject, over 16.000$ is to give away so go register ourselves!

@Edit: First stage was extended for a week!