#asciihack Wroclaw

This event will stay in my mind for a long time, I met there fantastic people, projects but what was the important it was a lot of FUN!.

unfortunately I was late for event like 15 minutes, but when I came at the front of me @nedzynski ask me what I want to eat and give me card to write my name and stick it into my shirt. It’s nice idea when you are talking with somebody you just see his/her name, I have weak remember to names so for me it was great and I don’t have to worry about this.

Next was just coding, after 3:30 PM was delicious dinner, everything was OK. after dinner we came back to coding. There was over 50 people, the most used technology was Ruby there was also projects in other language like .NET, C++, JS, Java. Winner wrote his game in C++ and this game was named Invader++, second place project with a unique name “oddajcie mi sobote” 😉 and the third place was Angry Birds in console created in .NET named AsciiBirds. After voting we were invited to after party, where we were talking about your projects and We were drinking beer.

In conclusion, I think Wroclaw need that kind of events, and it’s shame for Wroclaw companies that they didn’t make like this events.I would like to thank @getbaselab, and in my mind stayed one word COME BACK 🙂

Some photos, if you have any photos from this event let me know via email that I could add to gallery.

Introduction to RESTSharp

I would like to show you, good library to working with REST architecture. Nowadays REST is getting more popular because it’s very simple API, even ASP.NET MVC support this as default API service.

RESTSharp, is powerful library for any kind of .NET technology. Especially for Windows Phone where you have to use REST or SOAP to communicate with your external data. I came across RESTSharp when I was working on Project for Imagine Cup 2013. It saves me, a lot of time. RestSharp support asynchronously actions as well as windows phone because it is the main presumption of programming on that platform. I would like to show you few code block of using RESTSharp. At the begging basics and then in the next blog post some advance methods of using library with async.

First, we have to make a connection with server where API is located. Then we add physical path to specific API controller, and choose method of connection (GET, POST, DELETE, PUT etc.). Next step is create a query to our REST API services, our result will be list of Item, it’s highly recommended to use that type deserialization, now we can easily get access just adding .Data at the end of statement.

Now let’s look at Method.POST.

client and request stay same like in first example, but there is one change in method of connection, please set Method.POST. Next step is add body to our request create model that is expected in API controller, and finally last line, execute our request.

If we want run delete method, just use Method.DELETE

Declaring client stay same like in other cases, request has small change, first you have to add path with parameter and define method of connection Method.GET. Moreover, we have to add to request one more property, define parameter {id} and what values its get. Finally execute request.

Office 365 – the beginning

Few days ago I won a year subscription for an Office 365, and I would like to review for you.

All previously products don’t have any major changes between themselves (mainly it was only design changes), in this version of product (Office 365 or Office 2013), programs get synchronise with SkyDrive I think it’s best major update at all, as for me it’s very helpful tool because I really hate pen drives, so when I’m at university and I’m working on a report at some kind of laboratory and then I come back to home, I can turn on my PC and every document, every change is uploaded to my SkyDrive and it’s visible at my menu in Word, Excel etc. also you have access to offline last version of document.


Additionaly you can install your product at 5 computers, so it seems be good option. Unfortunately I think subscriptions in that kind of products have advantage and some disadvantage. The most disadvantage it that Office 365 cost 430 PLN ~ 138 USD, and if we compare to Office Professional for Home Users 599 PLN ~ 190 USD. I think Office 365 should be more cheaper, because, be realistic who use Office just for a month or two ?!. There is also two more options when you subscribe “O365” you get 60 minutes at Skype and extra 20 GB to your SkyDrive. This is bull’s eye!

There is one more product form Office that I like to use – Outlook. When you need really good tool for your mailbox it’s very good choose and you should work with OneNote, I really recommend you OneNote to simple TODO list I wrote an article about it.

Excel – good option when you have to compute a large number of record (at one laboratory I have to do some calculations on a Fourier series it was simple and quick than doing on paper and pen. Excel is good also if you plan your budget or diet list – then simply convert to OneNote and you can go with your Windows Phone to shopping, because WP has got preinstalled office.

In conclusion O365 is great option because you get 5 licenses (but one account) so every copy of this installation will be attached to your account, so remind this if you want share someone your copy!